Is It Possible to wear Flip Flops While Playing Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball is a sure-fire way to soak up the sun and have fun. It’s a great leisure sport and can be enjoyed as a group. When you are playing volleyball by the beach, appropriate footwear is necessary to keep you ahead. Buying a good pair of flip flops that are comfortable is a good idea for the fun that you’ll have later too. Apart from the flip flops, we have brought together a list of things that you can carry with you for a beach volleyball session with friends.

  • Sunscreen: If you don’t want a sunburn you better take a generous bottle of sunscreen with you. Even if its cloudy, the sunscreen can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.
  • Sun glasses/ goggles, hats: Don’t forget these! These are very important to protect your eyes and face to keep them cool and fresh.
  • 2-3 towels: You could use the towels for sitting, cleaning yourself and drying after you’ve had a shower.
  • Water and food: When you’re out playing in the sun, nourishing yourself is very important. Pack some fruits, nuts, granola bars and water, things that are easy-to-pack and keep you replenished with natural sugars.
  • Deodorant: Very important to have one. Whether you’re taking the car or bus, you don’t want the place smelling from your sweat.

The items mentioned above are basic; but hey we do tend to forget the basic stuff needed when we’re out in a rush to play and have fun. So, we hope this checklist comes handy. Put all these in a cool sports bag and you’re sorted for the fun day in the beach. You can always add to this list. Wear comfortable and stylish beach clothes and flip flops and don’t forget the volleyball!…

Speed Dating Event Planning

Today everything is fast paced. No one remembers what it is to wait in line, wait by the door or the phone. Everything has changed. The dating world is no different.

Gone are the days when you would meet someone at the party and expect to make a good impression or ask your friend to give you an introduction good enough to impress the other person, and then wait around to get their number. Today, dating has changed to such an extent that even your best friend does not know whom you are dating until the relationship reaches a certain level.

Speed dating is the main reason behind all this. With the number of speed dating sites online, one can get to meet a new person every hour. In such a case, the insecurities are high. you would never know whom your date is meeting next or has met before you. you hardly have enough time to make a good impression and prolong the relationship.

Make A lasting Impression

In order to make a lasting impression in such situations, one must put in the effort to plan out an elaborate event. This will ensure your partner gets the real picture and is assured that you are in fact serious about them.

Here is what you can do:

Plan out a day filled with activities both of you will enjoy. You don’t want to do only what she likes, thereby making it too hard for you to have a good time and at the same time not let the day be all about you.

Once you have a clear well balanced plan in mind, execute it. Pick her up, go to the places you have planned on, Surprise your love with a inspirational quote and make it a memorable date. This way, she will have you in her mind despite meeting better looking or better earning guys the following day or week.

When you don’t have the time to make a lasting impression, speed up the process and put in the required effort. You are bound to see the results very soon.…