Cold Weather Camping Guide

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Camping allows you to explore parts of the world that you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy, and some of the best places on earth to see are also really really cold. With that in mind I’ve put this small guide for you to help you prepare for your cold weather camping trip. If you plan it properly and take some precautions you’ll have a fantastic and more importantly, super safe time.

Essential Winter Camping Gear

You can never overpack when venturing out into the wilderness on a cold weather camping trip, so here’s my list of essential gear to take with you.


For those longer camping trips a sled will be a real life saver. It’s so much easier to pull all your gear on a sled than it is to lug it around on your back. The sled does’t make sense for the short trips where your camp site is pretty close to major roads, but if you have to walk a long distance then consider a sled.


Sleeping Bag

A regular sleeping bag won’t do for camping trips in really cold areas. You need to get a sleeping bag that’s suitable for very cold conditions. You want to choose one that’s rated for the lowest temperature that you’re likely to be sleeping in.


Sleeping Pads

A good sleeping pad will give you insulation and a really comfortable base to sleep on. These are really good to have even for regular camping trips, but they really come into their own when the temperatures are super low and the ground gets freezing cold. You just lose so much body heat through the ground without a good one.



In most places that are going to be cold, snowy and icy you’ll have really long dark nights, which means it’s absolutely essential you have a couple of good flashlights and plenty of spare batteries. You can never have too many flashlights.