Do celebrities need to take hair follicle drug tests?

Anybody who has gone through the tests for the presence of drugs in their hair knows that it is one of the most common tests now. Students to employees, sports people to celebrities, everyone have their share of anxiety and nervousness when they have to go through the dreaded drug tests.

Whenever there are tests for drugs the question arises if the law can differentiate between, common people and celebrities. The law is the same for everyone. If somebody has to go through a drug test for any reason, the law ensures that the person goes through that. The saliva test, urine, and blood or the hair follicle tests are done if a person is under investigation due to any legal requirements. It could be an offense, like driving under the influence or a court case. It can also be done for employment and other reasons. And no one can deny going through a test, as the denial will kind of prove the guilt.

Some of these tests can prove that the person has used drugs in the recent past. The blood has drug traces for a few days and similarly, urine also can show some traces for a short term. Hair follicles, on the other hand, start showing these traces only after a few days and continue to do so even up to 90 days. The hair cannot be cleansed of the traces easily. Therefore, it is one of the preferred tests for employment and where long-term drug abuse is suspected.

A drug user cannot easily get out of this test, as he cannot show a negative result just by abstaining for a few days. Improve your chances of passing a drug test here, by following the instructions given on popular websites. If you know the test date, then you can stop using any drugs and over a period of time, the traces will be gone from the hair as well. It does take time but abstinence is the only way to pass the hair drug test easily and without being nervous. Whether a common man or celebrity, the laws apply to everyone and they need to follow the same process to pass the drug test.