It is important that your skin is exposed to sunlight but this is useful only when the right amount of sunlight is exposed on your skin. Keeping your skin healthy is important. The sunlight is absorbed by the skin to produce Vitamin D which is very important for human health. If your skin is overly exposed it will be harmful to the skin’s structure and condition. By limiting the time you expose your skin to sun and wearing protective clothing and applying sun protection products which are formulated for your skin type condition and needs.

First, let’s understand what sun is made up of. The rays of sunlight are composed of a spectrum of rays such as ultraviolet rays, visible light, and infrared light.

Ultraviolet light is also known as UV rays. These lights are invisible to human eye and are emitted in three different forms: ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, and ultraviolet C. Ultraviolet light have shorter wavelength when compared to visible light. Of all the ultraviolet light, ultraviolet Crays have the shortest wavelength.

50% of sunlight spectrum is composed of visible light. As the name suggests it is the only part of sunlight which is visible to human eye.

Infrared A and infrared Brays have the longest wavelength. Similar to UV rays these are also not visible to human eye. This accounts for the remaining 40% of sunlight.

Effects Of Sunlight On Skin

The skin’s outermost layer has cells that contain a pigment known as melanin which protects the skin from the sun from harmful ultraviolet rays. This can burn the skin and over time reduce the elasticity which will make the human skin look aged. When you expose your skin to sunlight it starts tanning because when your skin is exposed to sunlight it starts producing more melanin and skin starts turning black.

If your skin is exposed too much to UV rays it might cause sunburn. The UV rays penetrate outer skin layer passing into deeper layer damaging and killing skin cells.…

Is It Possible to wear Flip Flops While Playing Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball is a sure-fire way to soak up the sun and have fun. It’s a great leisure sport and can be enjoyed as a group. When you are playing volleyball by the beach, appropriate footwear is necessary to keep you ahead. Buying a good pair of flip flops that are comfortable is a good idea for the fun that you’ll have later too. Apart from the flip flops, we have brought together a list of things that you can carry with you for a beach volleyball session with friends.

  • Sunscreen: If you don’t want a sunburn you better take a generous bottle of sunscreen with you. Even if its cloudy, the sunscreen can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.
  • Sun glasses/ goggles, hats: Don’t forget these! These are very important to protect your eyes and face to keep them cool and fresh.
  • 2-3 towels: You could use the towels for sitting, cleaning yourself and drying after you’ve had a shower.
  • Water and food: When you’re out playing in the sun, nourishing yourself is very important. Pack some fruits, nuts, granola bars and water, things that are easy-to-pack and keep you replenished with natural sugars.
  • Deodorant: Very important to have one. Whether you’re taking the car or bus, you don’t want the place smelling from your sweat.

The items mentioned above are basic; but hey we do tend to forget the basic stuff needed when we’re out in a rush to play and have fun. So, we hope this checklist comes handy. Put all these in a cool sports bag and you’re sorted for the fun day in the beach. You can always add to this list. Wear comfortable and stylish beach clothes and flip flops and don’t forget the volleyball!…

Speed Dating Event Planning

Today everything is fast paced. No one remembers what it is to wait in line, wait by the door or the phone. Everything has changed. The dating world is no different.

Gone are the days when you would meet someone at the party and expect to make a good impression or ask your friend to give you an introduction good enough to impress the other person, and then wait around to get their number. Today, dating has changed to such an extent that even your best friend does not know whom you are dating until the relationship reaches a certain level.

Speed dating is the main reason behind all this. With the number of speed dating sites online, one can get to meet a new person every hour. In such a case, the insecurities are high. you would never know whom your date is meeting next or has met before you. you hardly have enough time to make a good impression and prolong the relationship.

Make A lasting Impression

In order to make a lasting impression in such situations, one must put in the effort to plan out an elaborate event. This will ensure your partner gets the real picture and is assured that you are in fact serious about them.

Here is what you can do:

Plan out a day filled with activities both of you will enjoy. You don’t want to do only what she likes, thereby making it too hard for you to have a good time and at the same time not let the day be all about you.

Once you have a clear well balanced plan in mind, execute it. Pick her up, go to the places you have planned on, Surprise your love with a inspirational quote and make it a memorable date. This way, she will have you in her mind despite meeting better looking or better earning guys the following day or week.

When you don’t have the time to make a lasting impression, speed up the process and put in the required effort. You are bound to see the results very soon.…

Bowling Balls- Know The Different Types

Practice and knowledge about bowling makes one perfect at bowling arena. One gets to know more about it by experience and more research on bowling. Here are the things that have to be known about bowling in general.

  • There are various do’s and don’ts which must be followed in a bowling arena.
  • How the game is played.
  • How the win and loss are calculated.
  • Know about the spare and strike.
  • Know about the type of balls available.
  • Know about the ball that suits you.

Of the above points, here is a crisp information on the type of balls available. Click here to know All you need to know about bowling balls in much more detail.

For a person to be comfortable in bowling, he must choose the right ball. Generally, the coverstocks of the bowling ball are made of four different type of materials namely plastic, Urethane, Reactive Resin, Proactive. The type of material determines the ball movement on the lane.

Plastic: The surface of the coverstock is smooth and it provides less friction with the lane surface. As it provides less friction, it provides least hook potential. This ball is good for beginners and it fits the hand properly.

Urethane: This ball is better than plastic balls. It provides more friction on the lane surface which is why it provides a better and higher hook potential than that of the plastic. Another advantage of the increased friction is that it deflects less. And, there is a possibility of better action of the pin. These are good for people who like to move on to the next level of plastic ball.

Reactive Resin: this type of ball is better than the above two as it provides a better friction, increased hook potential, and a good pin action. This ball is well suited for intermediate and advanced bowlers.

Proactive: This type of ball provides a bumpy feel and the highest friction than the other types of ball. This is the best ball for advanced players.


Designer Bags: True Love Of Every Stylish Woman

Women and style go hand in hand, isn’t it? The biggest proof of this statement is how quickly they update their wardrobe as soon as the style and fashion statements change. Be it clothes, shoes, jewellery, or perfumes, they are always loaded with the best items available in the market. Another such accessory that holds a special place in the hearts and minds of all fashion enthusiasts is designer handbags.

What are designer handbags?

The special kinds of bags which are designed and crafted by renowned designers in the industry are referred to as designer handbags. Gone are the days when it was difficult for ladies to spot designer bags in the market and even in the hands of other women in the society. Today, the standard of living has improved in a way that one can easily find several stores in the market to buy a classy designer bag. Many women can easily afford them and flaunt different varieties of such bags at every occasion.

We can effortlessly find diverse kinds of designer bags available in the market. From tote bags to clutches, cross body to straw basket, and shoulder bags to sling bags, every store is full of all kinds of varieties when it comes to handbags. You can choose any or even buy all types of them to go well with your attire. Carrying good handbag not only enhances your personality and confidence, but also works as a safe store for your valuables like phone, cash, bank cards, keys, and more. Since designer bags are always higher quality, the best part about them is that they stay in their original condition for several years.

Designer handbags and entertainment industry:

People working in the entertainment industry, be it films or television, are known to be the leaders when it comes to carrying designer accessories. One can effortlessly spot some of their favourite TV and movie stars flaunting the most elegant and well-designed handbags on different events. This is one major reason why more and more women wish to buy designer handbags as they idealise the fashion icons they see in the industry.

If you too have a knack for designer accessories, then hit the markets right away and bring home the most sophisticated handbags to showcase a stronger personality in the society.…

Enjoy A Healthy Life While Enjoying Gaming

How long do you game in a single session? If you are a hardcore gamer and sit hours together glued to your chair, then beware of your long-term health. In addition to pain in the overstrained body parts, you eyes, lifestyle, spine health and overall long term health can go for a toss. The primary rule to remember is maintaining a good position in an ergonomic seat. Optimize the surrounding light to give minimum strain to your eyes.

Prevention is better than cure

This guide should help you find some ways to improve and maintain good health and continue your gaming habits.

  • Good position and take breaks: Ideally, it is advised to take regular breaks in between, which may be difficult for hardcore gamers. Still, it is an essential act for your normal mode.
  • Have a healthy menu: Maintain healthy eating habits. Gaming atmosphere has a tendency to make you go for heavy cheesy fast food packed with lots of artificial flavors and fats. These can make you prone to several chronic diseases. Instead, fill your eating table with nutrient rich, home-made food with lots of leafy vegetables and fiber content.
  • Eye exercise: Eye strain can lead to a permanent headache and damage to your eyes. So perform eye exercises regularly and include anti-glare gadgets.
  • Remain socially active: Secluding yourself indoors for too much time will cut off your social life. Maintain social contacts and visits and don’t be just a gamer.
  • Maintain good BMI: Body Mass Index indicates how well maintained is your body in height and weight proportionality. Sedentary lifestyle as a result of long gaming hours coupled with fatty food can make you obese, which paves way for chronic lifestyle diseases.
  • Maintain personal hygiene: Don’t get addicted to gaming. Gaming can be made a hobby for pure enjoyment and multi-player games with your friends and family can boost your relations. Don’t postpone your cleaning and personal care routines for gaming. Serious complications are sure to follow.

These are some of the most important general tips to prevent gaming from doing too much damage to your healthy living, both physical and mental.…

Buy Safe YouTube Views – To Do Or Not To Do!

In the age where internet is our daily dose of everything, it’s impossible to go on a day without logging into any of the social medias. YouTube is one such social media, anything and everything found under the umbrella.

Technology advancements and innovations, Kitchen recipe videos, home organisation videos, comedy, talent hunts, rhymes and much more! There is a video for almost everything. Looking at a video and trying out certain methods help you visualise the concept much better than theory and hence the queue for videos on YouTube.

Since the demand there are many videos on the net, but not all have the potential to please the onlookers and become a successful one. Sometimes in the sea of videos few go unnoticed, and the right ones don’t get the due credits.

For that purpose mainly, there are companies who provide an option to buy safe YouTube views for your video and watch it reach on top of the search engine, in a less span of time. But, how should you go about? Is it really safe? We shall talk about that, all the info that you need to know.

Why should you buy views?

For one simple reason, to keep your video on top of the search engine!

Is it really safe to buy YouTube views?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe when you give the responsibility in the right hands. If you choose a poor service provider, then surely you are going to land in trouble.

Should you opt for it?

In case you have created a video on the most happening technology and it’s not getting its due credit. How would you reach the mass? How to make money for your innovation? You should publicise. In internet, things work based popularity. Nobody wants to see something that’s very new, just mere 20-50 views will not attract the required attention even if your content is really good.

Can you reach to millions of people in an instant? Not really possible! This publicity is got by buying safe YouTube views, which are really safe when bought via reputed companies. It brings you the much needed fame and also your innovation will get recognised.…