Bowling Balls- Know The Different Types

Practice and knowledge about bowling makes one perfect at bowling arena. One gets to know more about it by experience and more research on bowling. Here are the things that have to be known about bowling in general.

  • There are various do’s and don’ts which must be followed in a bowling arena.
  • How the game is played.
  • How the win and loss are calculated.
  • Know about the spare and strike.
  • Know about the type of balls available.
  • Know about the ball that suits you.

Of the above points, here is a crisp information on the type of balls available. Click here to know All you need to know about bowling balls in much more detail.

For a person to be comfortable in bowling, he must choose the right ball. Generally, the coverstocks of the bowling ball are made of four different type of materials namely plastic, Urethane, Reactive Resin, Proactive. The type of material determines the ball movement on the lane.

Plastic: The surface of the coverstock is smooth and it provides less friction with the lane surface. As it provides less friction, it provides least hook potential. This ball is good for beginners and it fits the hand properly.

Urethane: This ball is better than plastic balls. It provides more friction on the lane surface which is why it provides a better and higher hook potential than that of the plastic. Another advantage of the increased friction is that it deflects less. And, there is a possibility of better action of the pin. These are good for people who like to move on to the next level of plastic ball.

Reactive Resin: this type of ball is better than the above two as it provides a better friction, increased hook potential, and a good pin action. This ball is well suited for intermediate and advanced bowlers.

Proactive: This type of ball provides a bumpy feel and the highest friction than the other types of ball. This is the best ball for advanced players.