How To Entertain Your Partner With A Butt Plug

For those of you who love that edge in the bedroom will know what we are talking about when we say butt plugs. Butt plugs are not for the faint-hearted but once you get the hang of it, you might never go back to plain old vanilla sex ever again. If you believe in mutual pleasure and if entertaining your partner is almost always on your mind, trying butt plugs could change your approach towards intercourse forever. Slather on anal lube generously and let the butt plug do all the talking.

Here are some interesting ways to keep your partner reaching out for the butt plug every time.

Oral sex

Oral sex is great but if you are not quite sure of what to do, you might strike the wrong chord and turn off your partner completely. It needs a whole lot of focus and direction to get better at giving oral sex. Sliding in a butt plug while giving oral sex will be very pleasurable to your partner even if your tongue takes some time to hit the right spot. The butt plug will shift along with the shifting pelvic muscles and it will give the feeling of being penetrated.


If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, try having penetrative sex while wearing a butt plug. If your vagina does not feel as tight as it used to, a butt plug can tighten things around your cervix and give you as well as your partner an incredible feeling. If you have a prostrate instead, all that rubbing of the plug against it will make you moan with every thrust.


If you and your partner have tried spanking before, experience the same thing with ten times the pleasure with butt plugs. Your partner will squirm out of pleasure with every slap on the butt.

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